About (N) Vargskogens

My name is Christin and I live just outside a small town called Flisa in the eastern part of Norway, together with my man and our two boys born '08 and '13. We've always had cats at home, and I couldn't really imagine a life without them, which resulted in me getting my own cat when I moved on my own.

I discovered the Norwegian Forest cat as a breed in 2004-2005, and got my first in 2007. I found the breeders page online, and when I saw her picture, she got stuck in my heart. That was Orabelle,and she truly is *my* cat, with her special behaviour, understanding and personality. She is the most lovable cat and a great ambassadeour for the breed.

Flisa is situated just two hours with car - or 150 km - from Oslo and Gardermoen International Airport.

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