Kittens for sale

No kittens at the moment, but hopefully we can show some plans for fall/winter 2017/2018 soon :)



Interest: Interest has been shown for the kittens, but nothing is decided. Kitten might be back up for sale.

Booked: Deposit has been payed, and kitten is on hold. Kitten could be for sale again if buyer backs out.

Sold: Kitten is paid for and sold.


A kitten from (N) Vargskogens will:

- Be at least 14 weeks before he moves.

- Cost NOK 8500 within Norway and Sweden, NOK 2000 of this to be paid as reservation fee. The reservation fee is non-refundable if buyer backs out, as long as the reason isn't a disqualifying flaw for breeding or show.

Outside of Norway and Sweden, the kitten will need additinal vaccines, passport etc, and the actual fees to make the kitten ready to travel will be added to the price.

- Be registered in NRR and have a FIFe pedigree.

- Be sold with health attest not older than two weeks

- Come with passport

- Have gotten the two basic vaccines (rabies vaccine for countries outside of Norway and Sweden is necessary, and will be given to the kittens who needs it at buyers cost)

- Be ID-chipped

- Have been dewormed several times

- Be used to kids and an active house

- Be sold with membership for a year in Norsk Skogkattring and Adelkatten.

- Have gotten a lot of love and attention growing up!


I hope my kittens will bring a lot of love and joy to it's new family, and be a best friend for years!